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Personal Safety

  • Keep family and friends informed of basic information on how to find you such as Where, When, Who, and How Long.
  • The old adage "There is safety in numbers" is true. Go out in pairs or groups whenever possible.
  • Communicate the message that you're calm, confident and know where you're going! Stand tall, walk with purpose, and make eye contact with people around you.
  • Familiarize yourself with the route to and from your intended destinations. Look at maps, know the cross-streets and surrounding landmarks familiar to most.
  • Be aware of your surroundings! Look to see who's in front of you and behind you. If you're concerned about your safety, ask a friend to accompany you.
  • Take different routes to recurring destinations so people cannot chart your routine.
  • Trust your instincts! If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, simply leave.
  • If you need to draw attention, yell "FIRE" as loud as you can repeatedly. People respond to the word "fire" more often and more quickly than they do to "help".
  • You and your loved ones are your most prized posessions. Replaceable items are not worth your life. Do not engage attackers stealing property. Call '911".
  • Consider investing in self defense classes, defensive items such as pepper spray and do practice drills. The more comfortable you are with these things, the better prepared you will be.

On The Street When Walking Alone
  • Walk only on busy, well-lighted streets, even if it makes the trip a little longer.
  • Bring a walking stick, umbrella, golf club, or long handled flashlight you can use as a weapon if necessary.
  • If using earphones to listen to music, use only one earpiece, enabling you to still hear surrounding sounds.
  • Carry your cell phone when walking or jogging.
  • Avoid shortcuts such as parking lots, alleys, open fields and wooded areas.
  • Carry no more money or credit cards than you absolutely need.

In A Building
  • Avoid isolated corridors or hallways.
  • Be extra careful in stairwells and isolated or poorly lighted restrooms.
  • Avoid entering an elevator that is occupied by only one other person who is a stranger.
  • In an elevator, stand near the controls and locate the emergency button.
  • If you are assaulted while in an elevator, hit the emergency or alarm button and press as many floor buttons as possible.

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