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Internet Safety

  • Create strong passwords using a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols using at least 8 characters. Have at least one capital letter. (i.e., R3ve5@ble, pR0m!siNg, 4orGotT3n!)
  • Never write a password down and leave it in a place where others have access. A password should be a secret code that only you know.
  • Never tell anyone your password. You may think it's OK to tell a family member or friend, but you never know who could be overhearing your conversation.
  • Never save a password on a website. It may be more convenient for you, but if someone else uses the same computer, they may be able to access that website.
  • Keep up to date on your anti-virus software. If your computer contracts a virus, the malicious program could be monitoring your keystrokes and may be able to uncover your password, so regularly updating and running your anti-virus program is recommended.

Social Media
  • Know the things you aren't saying when posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Publishing where you are also tells people where you AREN'T...as in HOME.
  • There is no such thing as "Deleted". Information and pictures shared out are stored on the hard drives of every computer that accesses them. Just because you delete it doesn't mean it's gone forever.
  • Learn how to delete your computer's "cache" and history. Hackers can access every site you have ever been to once inside your computer.
  • Instant messaging a stranger is an invasion of their privacy. It's like walking into someone's front door without knocking.

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